Whereas interim management usually involves a single manager, when it comes to problem-solving we often work with a group of experts. Paper manufacturing calls for an unusual range of expertise, as you well know. Your company may face the occasional technical or organisational problems, leading to a decline in quality, for example production losses, rejects and overdue maintenance. Or perhaps you’re thinking of increasing your machinery’s up-time. Whatever the case, you can count on us. We like solving problems, tackling matters when your own staff lack the time or specific expertise to do so.

When we are asked to solve a problem, we first spend two or three days in the plant examining the process and the organisation in detail. We do a quick-scan of the process and draft a report identifying the possible cause of the problem. The report also indicates potential solutions and the recommended approach. If PS1 is asked to take on the project, it will organise monthly meetings and round off the entire project with a survey. Clients know precisely where they stand, from beginning to end.

Problem-solving assignments generally involve an entire team headed by a project manager. The team meets regularly at the PS1 offices to discuss progress. The project manager operates from our home base, while the team works in the plant (or operating base).

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