Interim management

One of PS1’s services is to provide specialists who can take on management tasks on a temporary basis. We can supply interim managers to take over for a specific period of time or to contribute a particular type of expertise that an organisation lacks, perhaps only temporarily. Organisations can also request a manager to take care of a specific problem. Our interim managers can assist clients who are facing a reorganisation or who want to strike out on a different course.

PS1 has a group of approximately twenty experienced managers available for interim management assignments. Interim managers usually operate alone, but where necessary our managers can always fall back on the expertise at our home base. Many of our managers are over 50 years of age and have relevant work experience in the paper industry. They are devoted to the profession but no longer interested in a permanent job. What they want to do is use their expertise to help other professionals in the field.

Do you want to work as a consultant for PS1? Mail us your resume or call:  +31 (0) 43 326 08 00.