Recruitment & Selection

PS1 will take the recruitment and selection process off your hands for vacancies at junior and senior management level and for staff openings. We will look for the right man or woman with the knowledge and skills that you require, drawn from our exclusive list of qualified candidates from around Europe.

We work according to fixed procedures and take stock at regular intervals. We begin by analysing the position concerned, after which we draw up a job profile together with you. Based on the profile, PS1 will draft a recruitment proposal and plot out the entire recruitment procedure in a recruitment plan.

After the recruitment plan has been approved and the assignment confirmed, PS1 will spend a three-week period searching for suitable candidates. We use our own files, of course, but we also search external, international databases and work with selected media. In the second week of this three-week period, we report back to our client on our progress. In the fourth week we present a shortlist of the ten best candidates.

At the start of the assignment, the client can rely on holding job interviews in the fifth week. Once a candidate has been selected and has been offered a contract, a final evaluation takes place. PS1 works on the principle of no cure no pay.

Before we put a candidate and client in touch with one another, we conduct a preliminary interview with the candidate. If the job is a particularly demanding one, one of our consultants may be present during the interview to discuss specific aspects of the job. Their specific knowledge of the field enables them to make an accurate assessment of the candidates’ skills and know-how.

Both our clients and our candidates entrust us with confidential information. We consider it a priority to treat that information confidentially, and we make every effort to do so. We pass on information to third parties only after obtaining the consent of the party or parties involved.

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