Paper: it’s all around us. Every business has it, and every home. We scarcely give it a second thought because it seems so ordinary. But paper is anything but ordinary. In fact, it’s the product of a highly complex manufacturing process that requires input from a range of different disciplines. Unless you work in the paper industry, you can hardly imagine just how extraordinary it is.

Many different processes play a role in paper manufacturing: mechanical, chemical, even biological. Paper plants occasionally call in outside specialists to solve problems in these areas or to help them out temporarily. These people need to be experts in their fields and at home in the paper industry. Thanks to PS1, you have access to their knowledge and experience.

PS1 stands for Paper Support – the kind of support you need, for a few hours, a few days or even longer. Our experts can improve techniques, help to develop new products, and streamline production processes. They can also help out with organisational matters and with everyday management issues. PS1 makes sure that you get the expertise you need, but we do even more than that.

PS1 is an international, independent firm of consultants that specializes in the paper and board industry. Our managers/consultants are highly experienced in paper. Most of them have more than twenty years of relevant work experience, and some have as much as forty. Far from being new graduates, they’re seasoned veterans in the field.

You can call in PS1 for help with recruitment & selection, interim management and problem-solving. Our site will tell you more about these different areas. Its also gives our references and tells you which projects we’ve worked on. Finally, you can find useful links and check out the latest job vacancies.